dear visitor,
although I am dutch this site will be mainly in english for publicity reasons. my main interest is ETHIOPIA, where the visitor will have to communicate in english unless he has studied the over three hundred characters of the lingua franca in this country, amharic, a language that knows no capital letters. this suits me well as I am not a great admirer of this linguistic phenomenon either. so I will avoid capitals whenever it pleases me. I should avoid I in the first place, but that may cause confusion and i is visually unattractive. i will remain I.
[n.b. google chrome will give you the best results].

deze engelstalige site bevat twee items in het nederlands, niet gerelateerd aan ethiopië.

my home is my castle… but my garden is northern ethiopia.

ethiopia is in many ways unique and breathtakingly beautiful, as you can see. take a look among the subjects you will find under the tag architecture.

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